We do not know what Special Counsel Robert Mueller actually reported. We only have Attorney General William Barr’s summary. However, the attorney general is probably not being untruthful since that would eventually be found out, even if not until a Democrat is elected president.

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There has been a clear pattern of spreading rumours as news, particularly on social media. Many of these have to do with the schemes of the central and https://www.cwjerseys.com state governments. In some cases, these are about non existent problems with schemes or plans: 2% of the poor are getting food from ration shops or will be 30% salary and pension cut for government employees In other cases, they are about non existent schemes and plans: government will provide free Internet till June end or will remain closed till October Many of these were widely circulated.

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She acquired elite status through an American promotion last year, and planned to use it to avoid baggage fees and score an occasional upgrade. But it wasn’t meant to be. Travel wasn’t happening for her this year, and it turned out that American extended elite status for only some of its frequent fliers.

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